About Lisa Stevens & Co.

Favouring a disciplined aesthetic with anchors and references specific to each project, Lisa strives always to balance the intellectual with the emotional connection.  A hallmark of her work is the intelligent integration of architectural with interior elements, employing her refined sense of colour and materials, always with strong shapes and a sense of proportion.


Having created homes throughout North America and the Caribbean, Lisa Stevens knows from experience that the act of designing a truly beautiful home entails equal parts inspiration, empathy and emotional engagement as it does knowledge, experience and logical process.


Lisa greatly values the interaction and individuality that each client and project bring to her work, believing that the co-creation of a well-considered, evocative home environment can be both healing and inspiring to the people who live there.


Most of all, because she values her family life more than anything, Lisa applies that understanding of the importance of a well-lived life to each project at Lisa Stevens & Company.


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