Lisa Stevens & Co.


Establishing the connection between great design and personal delight to inspire the well-lived life.


More than designers or purveyors of home furnishings, Lisa Stevens & Company creates a bespoke lifestyle culture: reflecting the unique quality of each home, family and enhancing the living experience.


From this fundamental design philosophy, we believe in:


…Creating interiors with a true sense of appropriateness, aligning geographic location with architecture with the personality of the family who resides there.


….Building living environments by melding the perfection of disciplined design with an artful sense of disarray.


…Employing a curator’s eye: artfully blending a client’s life experiences within a rigorously designed framework.


…Partnering with our clients, architects and builders, as well as individual artisans, in a collaborative way, respecting & employing each individual’s knowledge and specific talent to achieve the best result: a timeless, beautiful and highly personal home.


…Constantly seeking, learning, refining our design knowledge and our business practices to enhance the client experience and our pleasure in what we do everyday.


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