Living Interiors

Rooms that suit your life

Home.  More than where you eat & sleep, more than where you hang your hat.  It is the place where you can wind down and just Be… where you can be your truest self… It’s where you enact everyday rituals — moments and gestures that proclaim who you are, what is important, how you connect with loved ones. You shape your home, and your home shapes you.


Lisa Stevens & Company helps you create a home that truly expresses who you are — and want to be. With a reputation for excellence and sensitivity to each client’s specific needs, we create bespoke interiors that set the stage for a well-lived life.


We get to know your family’s lifestyle, tastes, and needs. Then, we apply our knowledge of design to create a habitat that is a beautiful and unique representation of your family’s personality. A space that will enhance your everyday rituals and inspire you in the days and years to come.


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