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Living Interiors


Building the Fire

The techniques vary, but the recipe is always the same: nestle kindling with birch bark or paper curls to catch the spark, then layer larger sticks then small logs, leaving plenty of space for air.


The flare of the match, the small flame — will it take? — tentative at first, encouraged by a whisper of breath. The slow, steady build until the logs are engulfed and the satisfying crackle of a fire intent on doing its job. Whether it’s the granite fireplace in the family room or the lakeside fire pit, everyone gathers round, faces aglow, drawn to the light, to the warmth and companionship.  Games are played, stories are told, songs sung, marshmallows toasted.  Evening becomes night, ending only when yawns can no longer be stifled and embers outnumber the flames.


Building the FireBuilding the FireBuilding the Fire


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