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Living Interiors


Baking Bread

Every Friday morning, my friend and client, Barb, takes from her cupboard a well-used, sturdy mixing bowl, assembles her ingredients and bakes bread.


For the entire day, her home is warm and fragrant with the scent of rising dough and caramelizing sugars. The act of baking bread is truly and alchemical process, transforming a few ordinary ingredients…flour, yeast, honey & eggs…into loaves that are indescribably light yet chewy, savoury yet sweet. Every Friday afternoon, two loaves rest on Barb’s island counter: one to enjoy with her family at their traditional Friday dinner, and one to give away as a mitzvah to a friend or acquaintance who has touched her in some way.


For this is the real magic of preparing food: sharing it with others.


Baking BreadBaking BreadBaking BreadBaking BreadBaking Bread


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