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We create timeless interiors which elevate the human spirit.

Our creative practice is dedicated to designing well-conceived, well-crafted spaces.  Afterall, we create the framework in which you live your most inspired life.

Thoughtful design which employs a sensitivity to scale and proportion, rich use of materials, study of light + colour and attention to detail, we believe in collecting both experiences + pieces, investing in quality.

Each project is unique, influenced by context: community, site surroundings and architecture. Inspired by your lifestyle narrative and the rhythm and flow of space, we believe each project speaks in its own voice.  While channelled through our aesthetic lens, each project becomes a clear reflection of the home owners, intuitively resonant to their personal style and ideal way of life.

In living a creative life, we understand and value the power of humour and wit… in design and in life.  We want to know your stories and where you find happiness + joy, not only so that we can find room for that expression in your home, but because we believe in the strength of the bonds built over a shared experience.

Above all, we are advocates for our clients. The trust and integrity of each relationship forms the foundation of what we do every day.



With over 20 years of experience, Lisa brings a decisive, soulful and sophisticated point of view which earns the respect and confidence of her clients and collaborators.

Her work reveals a uniquely personal approach to uncovering unexpected beauty, and communicating a richness of experience.

Having successfully designed homes in a wide range of styles for a wide range of clients, Lisa is confident and adept in creating within broad range of sensibilities, always with an underlying foundational understanding and appreciation of architecture + materiality and a refined sense of luxury in detail + finish.

Lisa has built long lasting relationships with clients, builders, trades and artisans… valued as much as friends as collaborators. Her style is always empathetic and warmly collaborative, leading to building a design process which understands and responds to clients’ wishes to create the elevated design experience.

With a curious mind and passion for acquiring knowledge and new ideas, she is always eager to share these discoveries and inspire innovative design solutions which raise the experience beyond the ordinary to hopefully touch the sublime.


Our Team + Collaborators

Established in 2004, Lisa Stevens + Company is a design studio of highly creative and dedicated people working together in a traditional open studio setting to create a joyful atmosphere of collaboration, teamwork and creative challenge.

Our core strength resides in our small team of talented professionals who maintain and value a collaborative perspective.  Experience has shown that the best projects are influenced by the professionalism and vision of all collaborators: clients, designers, architects, builders and our talented roster of artisans + trades, who practice their craft within our collective vision, with the sole purpose of achieving the finest results.

We’re committed to impeccable communication, uncompromising integrity, and enjoying the journey and the experience of each project.


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